I was so sick of my life I contacted Lorna desperate for something to break a very negative pattern. I felt trapped in abusive relationships in a toxic cycle where I’d escape for a while then end up with nothing having to go back.I had a self sabotage program I couldn’t escape.


I have invested so much time and money over 30 years of my life trying to escape it but RTT was the only thing that has actually resolved it. During the initial call I immediately knew I could trust Lorna with the shame I felt around how other people were treating me. The session unearthed something for me that helped me understand the root of all the issues and Lorna helped me to release so much more than I ever expected possible.


I walked out of the session feeling 10 foot tall and knew I would never again treat myself poorly or accept poor treatment from other people. It’s amazing that I now feel so free of the issues that were slowly choking any sense of joy or hope from my life. I felt totally powerless in my life a matter of weeks ago. Now I love and trust myself knowing that I will never again be held captive by the idea I deserve to be punished by others or to be in lack.


I now have strong boundaries, I feel calm and in control around chaos and I feel excited by this chapter of my life, the second act is already so much more enjoyable than the first. I intend to gift people I love with a session; it has changed my life and already everyone I come in contact with is benefitting from a happier version of me.


My main motivation for seeking Lorna’s help wasn’t health issues but the unexpected benefits of the session include eczema clearing up; a chipped wrist being 95%+ improved (no pain, no swelling, improving strength!); insight into why I was sabotaging my weight led to effortlessly escaping cream in my coffee (I had been addicted even though my body didn’t love it and I had gained about 3 stones from it); a smell disorder I had been struggling with for 6 years has dramatically improved, I haven’t needed any of the (use as needed) prescribed medications.


I haven’t been sick, and I haven’t had a migraine since the session and… my sleep score on Fitbit has increased by 10 points *93/100! I notice changes in myself daily as the positives ripple out into all areas of my life.


The results I’ve been enjoying are priceless and I wish everyone in the world could experience the same for themselves.

Thank you beyond words for everything, I am so grateful that I’m not where I used to be!